Alexis Dorsey Completing Her Graduate Studies in Neolithic Archaeology

[Alexis Dorsey is working on paleolithic archaeology in Malta. Even though she also majored in Anthropology, she considers Religious Studies her family at HSU. And a late note: since she wrote us this message in May, her Master’s Thesis has been approved with distinction. She’ll receive her degree later in 2015..]

(May 8, 2015)]

Greetings from an old student!! I was just going over my HSU email account and found a few messages about the RS website and your collective wish to keep up to date with former students. I saw a few students listed who are currently enrolled in graduate programs, but noticed mine missing. So I would like to inform you of my life since Arcata as well as my current academic standing.

Alexis DorseyAfter graduation I became an Au pair and moved to Ireland. I minded three young children there for a year and a half; some of the happiest times I’ve had to date. I applied to the University of York and the University of Edinburgh for archaeology programs. (I was a double major, and archaeology was my primary focus) I was accepted to both programs, but chose the University of Edinburgh. My program title is MSc of Mediterranean Archaeology. I’ve had two semesters of classes so far, and now am on a trimester of independent study to finish my dissertation. I will be focussing on the Neolithic temples of Malta, a fascinating topic! While I have chosen archaeology as my field of study, I have always loved religious studies and tried to incorporate it into my archaeological work. I will be travelling to Malta for some fieldwork the first two weeks of June. I am more than excited to see these prehistoric monuments of spirituality and religion that pre-date any other free-standing structure in the world, revelling in the beauty of man’s creative abilities from five thousand years ago.

Anyway… I digress. I just wanted to update the department on my whereabouts and hopefully start a habit of keeping in touch with HSU. I miss Arcata and the fantastic collection of people in the Religious Studies department. While I was an Anthropology student, I did choose to walk with RS during graduation.. I found that group much more of a family than Anthropology ever was. I hope all is well with all the RS faculty, and that you are illuminating the world’s problems and potentials for your current students and future academics.

All the best,
Alexis Dorsey

Dorsey's Dig

Alexis Dorsey taking notes while her colleague measures the opening of a Punic tomb on Malta.